Transforming your Equipment Maintenance with data | #PI #PIWorld

Industry 4.0 covers many facets of industry, using data to transform maintenance is one aspect that has been discussed for many years, but still has many opportunities for companies.

Last week I had the pleasure to attend #PIWorld and to be part of a panel discussing how data can be used to transform equipment maintenance.

The panel was moderated by my good friend Enrique Herrera of OSIsoft and I was joined by two very knowledge guys, Gary Foster of SKF and Gopal Gopalkrishnan of OSIsoft.

It was a lively and interactive discussion and it was a pleasure to be part of it. Topics ranged from basic use of data to avoid failure through to more complex and advanced multivariate analysis and Machine Learning (#ML/#AI).

In case you missed the panel here is a link to the video: Transforming Your Equipment Maintenance Programs with the PI System.

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