Manufacturing in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has led to many changes in our daily lives and has similarly had massive impacts on the majority of businesses. Some have been forced to close down, others to radically change how they work. Their supply chains have been disrupted and their workers are concerned about coming to work or are staying home. In … Continue reading Manufacturing in a COVID-19 World

How Do Industrial IoT Platforms Drive Transformation? | Brian Buntz

Following recent discussions with Schneider Electric’s Chief Digital Officer Hervé Coureil and with myself, Brian Buntz writes in IoT World Today : Industrial IoT platforms don’t guarantee success, and digital transformation can be as difficult as it is vague. But ignoring digital is also not an option.  The dirty little secret about digital transformation initiatives is … Continue reading How Do Industrial IoT Platforms Drive Transformation? | Brian Buntz

#AI / #ML the Promise and the Pitfalls | #PIWorld #PI

I had the pleasure recently of joining Humera Malik (Canvass Analytics) and Patrick Fetterman (LNS Global) on a panel discussion moderated by Michael Kanellos at #OSISoft PI World. The topic: the promises and pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). A wide ranging discussion with plenty of questions from the audience. Subjects covered … Continue reading #AI / #ML the Promise and the Pitfalls | #PIWorld #PI

Why Many IIoT Projects Fail

I recently read an LNS research article entitled "Why OEE and Plant Visualization Projects Keep Failing" and it made me to think about what are the ingredients of a successful project in IIoT (I use IIoT as a general term. Pick your other buzzword - Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, et al). I think there were valid points made … Continue reading Why Many IIoT Projects Fail