How Do Industrial IoT Platforms Drive Transformation? | Brian Buntz

Following recent discussions with Schneider Electric’s Chief Digital Officer Hervé Coureil and with myself, Brian Buntz writes in IoT World Today :

Industrial IoT platforms don’t guarantee success, and digital transformation can be as difficult as it is vague. But ignoring digital is also not an option. 

The dirty little secret about digital transformation initiatives is that many of them fail, as Harvard Business Review has reported. On the other hand, there are a growing number of examples of digitally-minded firms, from Airbnb to Amazon to Netflix and Uber, that have launched platforms that have redefined entire markets. 

It’s no wonder the market is awash in hundreds of Industrial IoT platforms that promise to help manufacturers, utility companies, facilities managers and similar organizations reinvent their business. Amidst that backdrop is the concept of Industry 4.0, and its promise to tap technologies such as IoT, digital twins and machine learning to fuel the next industrial revolution. 

For the full article, click here

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