Understanding Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

I was privileged earlier this year to get a sneak peak at Isaac's new book "Digital Trailblazers", and to make a very small contribution to it. We sat down again recently to discuss one aspect of being a Digital Trailblazer and how it relates to Manufacturing, particularly Industry 4.0. What is digital transformation in manufacturingWhat … Continue reading Understanding Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Technological Maturity

How are the province’s manufacturers doing in their drive towards Industry 4.0? Herb Emery and Martin Davis take a look at the data describing the maturity of our province’s manufacturers and a discussion about what those data suggest are the opportunities for improving their competitiveness. The data come from a survey instrument built from Martin … Continue reading Manufacturing Technological Maturity

TechTalks: Your Industry 4.0 Primer

We are in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution, advancing from manual manufacturing through to automation and onward into autonomous operations.  If talking about Industry 4.0, AI, robotics and the Internet of Things makes you nervous, don’t worry. Martin Davis, my guest on Episode 8 of the TechTalks podcast, is here to demystify it … Continue reading TechTalks: Your Industry 4.0 Primer

EMC: The Future of Manufacturing

What is the future of Manufacturing? Is it all about advanced manufacturing, digitisation, technology and automation? Many would argue that it is encapsulated in the fourth industrial revolution as defined by Industry 4.0, which describes how industry should be evolving to deliver improved productivity, capability and performance. If you are thinking that Industry 4.0 is … Continue reading EMC: The Future of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 Maturity Model

This model is designed to measure the Industry 4.0 maturity of manufacturing companies. It is based on a combination of Industry 4.0 research and practical experience. Industry 4.0 is the subset of the fourth industrial revolution that relates to Industry. Broadly speaking it is the use of cyber-physical systems, strategies and processes to improve industrial … Continue reading Industry 4.0 Maturity Model

Rethinking Smart Manufacturing for the New Normal by Brian Buntz

Smart manufacturing has surged in relevance. But making the concept a reality requires cultural consensus. Brian Buntz recently discussed this with me and his take was recently published in IoT World Today. Key Takeaways from This Article: As the global economy stalls, manufacturers have an opportunity to plot a future course. Smart manufacturing programs have … Continue reading Rethinking Smart Manufacturing for the New Normal by Brian Buntz

Practical View on the Role of the PI System in Industry 4.0+ and AI for Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 & AI has been the talk of the town. OSIsoft PI System infrastructure combined with the advent of "edge" and IIoT-enabled devices provide a rich set of telemetry on operational assets (manufacturing shop floor machines, manufacturing robots, AGVs, etc). I4.0 Maturity Models have now become more prevalent. We will provide a reality check … Continue reading Practical View on the Role of the PI System in Industry 4.0+ and AI for Manufacturing

Is IIoT causing siloed data and suboptimal performance?

While IIoT deployments can deliver considerable value, less-successful IIoT initiatives are burdened with data silos that ultimately result in suboptimal industrial performance.

Combine IIoT and Industry 4.0 for Competitive Advantage

IIoT is powerful, but when combined with an Industry 4.0 end-to-end strategic view, the opportunities are considerably greater, writes Martin Davis. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the grittier end of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution that is sweeping the manufacturing sector. IIoT alone is estimated to deliver 10-25% productivity improvements, but when … Continue reading Combine IIoT and Industry 4.0 for Competitive Advantage