Manufacturing Technological Maturity

How are the province’s manufacturers doing in their drive towards Industry 4.0? Herb Emery and Martin Davis take a look at the data describing the maturity of our province’s manufacturers and a discussion about what those data suggest are the opportunities for improving their competitiveness. The data come from a survey instrument built from Martin Davis’s 6 dimension model describing the path to Industry 4.0.

It was a pleasure to discuss this key topic with Herb Emery and to better understand the provinces current status as measured using the Industry 4.0 Maturity Model we built.

The most critical findings?

Businesses believe they are open to change, but lag in technology.

If we drill down further on that we find that this is not so much about technology, but about other aspects that drive the use of technology.

One of the key drivers is getting and using information to make better decisions, this then helps drive operational excellence. The more advanced a company is in these two areas, then this requires more use of technology to help them.

So the real problem is around data/information and operational excellence.

So then we have to ask why do many small to medium sized manufacturers lag in these areas……

The answer we get time and time again…….. is TIME! Many of these small to medium sized companies are “running to stand still” and don’t have the time to take a step back and try something new.

There is also a fair amount of fear of using newer technology as well!

The full recording of this presentation can be found below:

If you would to know more about our Industry 4.0 Maturity Model or need our assistance then please contact us.

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