Industry 4.0 Maturity Model

This model is designed to measure the Industry 4.0 maturity of manufacturing companies. It is based on a combination of Industry 4.0 research and practical experience. Industry 4.0 is the subset of the fourth industrial revolution that relates to Industry. Broadly speaking it is the use of cyber-physical systems, strategies and processes to improve industrial … Continue reading Industry 4.0 Maturity Model

Is IIoT causing siloed data and suboptimal performance?

While IIoT deployments can deliver considerable value, less-successful IIoT initiatives are burdened with data silos that ultimately result in suboptimal industrial performance.

Are Industrial Data Historians an IIoT Platform?

A few weeks ago, Martin Davis and I were invited to present on a webinar hosted by Fluke/Accelix. We talked about the importance of the IIoT and Industry 4.0 as it pertains to maintenance. Martin talked strategy and how all of the pieces fit together and what you should be thinking about. I then showed … Continue reading Are Industrial Data Historians an IIoT Platform?