Economic Development Journal – Industry 4.0 – Future of Manufacturing

The national Economic Development Journal recently asked me to write an article for them on Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing.

What is the future of Manufacturing? Is it all about advanced manufacturing, digitization, technology, and automation?   Many would argue that it is encapsulated in the fourth industrial revolution as defined by Industry 4.0, which describes how the industry should be evolving to deliver improved productivity, capability, and performance.  

What is the future of manufacturing?

People have argued that the future of manufacturing in North America is bleak and the trend in previous years has seen a move to lower-cost regions. As an alternative, others have argued that we need to change our approach and it’s not just about low-cost labour. Covid-19 supply chain disruption and shutdowns have further increased this focus on built locally.

So, what is the future of manufacturing?

Is it all about technology and automation?

Is it highly complicated and expensive?

This article is based on a recent webinar we conducted for the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium, it explores these aspects, takes a back to basics view of Industry 4.0, and highlights the opportunities to start simply and build.

Read the full article at the Economic Development Journal.

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