Transforming your Equipment Maintenance with data | #PI #PIWorld

Industry 4.0 covers many facets of industry, using data to transform maintenance is one aspect that has been discussed for many years, but still has many opportunities for companies. Last week I had the pleasure to attend #PIWorld and to be part of a panel discussing how data can be used to transform equipment maintenance. … Continue reading Transforming your Equipment Maintenance with data | #PI #PIWorld

Why Many IIoT Projects Fail

I recently read an LNS research article entitled "Why OEE and Plant Visualization Projects Keep Failing" and it made me to think about what are the ingredients of a successful project in IIoT (I use IIoT as a general term. Pick your other buzzword - Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, et al). I think there were valid points made … Continue reading Why Many IIoT Projects Fail